Christmas in Oregon

We spent Christmas in Oregon and we had so much fun. Alayna was full of energy the whole time, she never stopped or slowed down. She through a few tantrums, but for the most part she was so happy, she walked around the house saying "HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY". She danced and gave loves and kisses to everyone all day long. There was only one time that she was really naught and thank goodness I was gone and it was all dad. Dad put her down for a nap while my father-in-law and him played Wii. He went to check on her after a little bit and she was stark naked in her port-a-crib with poop everywhere and she was sound a sleep. I was glad her dad had it all cleaned up when I got there because then it was funny and I could laugh about it. We had a blast and we are already starting to planning our next trip back to Oregon.

Officer Goss

Andrew is official he has his badge, his gun, and his car. He loves his job and is so excited to go to work everyday. He is like a kid on christmas, his three days off just won't go by fast enough, he just can't wait to back to work. I am so proud of him he has worked so hard and he has started his career that he loves.


Alayna loves to get her picture taken. She is such a happy girl, naughty sometimes, but happy. She can always make us laugh, it is so hard some times to keep a serious face when she has done something naught, she will make a funny face or kiss us and say"all better" and we some how forget about putting her in timeout. Alayna keeps us so busy, she has to run everywhere she goes, and she never watches where she is running and runs right into the walls. She always has to have one of her stuffed animals with her all the time or her blanky.

Girls Night Out

We had a blast on our girls night out. We went to the Gateway Mall, ate dinner then it was off to Twilight. It was so fun for us to be together and talk with no screaming kids. We had a blast and a lot of laughs especially when my mom tried to take a picture of her daughters but she ended up taking a close up picture of herself, we all laughed so hard we were crying. We had all read the books so we were so excited, none of us wanted the movie to end. We are team Edward all the way!!