This morning at 5:15 I was put on call for work. It has been months since I was put on call. So I finally got a day to be with my family. We went to Jungle Jim's Playland, the kids had a blast there is a big carousel, bumper cars, a jeep safari, swings, a roller coaster and lots of games.
Brigs loves cars so this was his favorite ride.
This roller coaster was fast. Alayna went on it first all by herself and loved so Andrew took Brigs and as you can tell by the picture as soon and the seat belt when on he got scared and did not end up riding it. Alayna road it a couple times. It's like the musical express at lagoon (I think that is what it is called).
Oh yes the flying jets. I guess this ride does not have a max capacity because there was a scared little girl behind my kids so the dad road with her ( about 6'4, 250)and for most of the non flying rides it was fine for the parents to ride but I was a little nervous thinking maybe the dad would stay low and not fly, oh no he was cranking the jet up and down with his legs hanging out the side. I guess if the state fair can throw rides together in a day and no one dies on them, my kids should be able to survive on these rides that have been here for years. The kids liked the spinning tops, they were laughing, until they started spinning to fast Brigs looked like he was going to vomit. Lucky for us he didn't but it was close. It was such a fun day. I love being with my family.

Where has the time gone???

Well a quick catch up. I finally finished nursing school yeah!!!! So I am working as a registered nurse at a community hospital is Salt Lake City. Andrew has 3 years of law enforcment under his belt and he had a birthday this month big 28. Alayna and Brigs are getting so big, they make me laugh every day I love it. I love my family so much I could not of asked for a more perfect family. My Layn is my little helper she is getting so big, but she did tell me on her birthday she would stay four forever for me:) I wish it could work like that. Brigs is such a momma's boy lately, he wants me to hold him all the time and he cries when I leave. It's kinda nice because he has been a daddy's boy since he was born. I will post pictures later.