A quiet day at the Goss house, or should I say a quiet couple of hours.

I walked in the house today after being at school all day and expected it to be a mad house. I know I only have one child, but she is well, let me say that I was a mellow and quiet kid and her dad well from what his mom tells me, Alayna not only looks like him but she has his wild attitude. Sometimes it feels like we have five kids. From her dumping my makeup base all over her bed and carpet, to locking me out of the house when I went out to feed the dogs or when she pulls all the pans, utensils, and everything else with in her reach out to the living room in a matter of seconds (these are just things that happen in one morning). So when I walked through the door and it was quiet I was a little worried. And this is what I found....

I tip toed around the house for about two hours trying not to wake them but I had to sneak a picture, they look so peaceful and cute!!


Alayna loves to play hide and seek her favorite spots are dad and mom's closet, behind the shower curtain and in her princess castle tent. But this spot was new and she thought it was the funniest thing she laughed and laughed so I couldn't help but laugh.

The refrigerator is her new favorite hiding spot she can't quite close it all the way (thank goodness) but it was pretty cute to see her sitting in there giggling.