So I have the most amazing husband in the world. I had the best Valentines surprise ever. Those of you who know our crazy lives know me and Andrew hardly ever see one another with work and school. So it was Friday and it was one of those days at work when you are praying for it to be over. I had very very sick patients, and it was a very draining morning. I had patients that came in for surgery and are now so confused to the point they don't know their own name, I also had a patient with panic high potassium levels and of course no IV access. So what I am trying to say is that this day just kept getting worse and worse. So it seemed like this day would never end. also during the craziest hour Andrews friend Jake showed up to my work saying something about leaving something in my truck so at this point with everything happening at work i gave him the keys and didnt think anything about it. So I am suppose to get off work at 7 pm and I am just beginning to chart about my day before the night nurse shows up. I hear the elevator and I look up expecting to see the night nurse when I see the most handsome man in his blue shirt and tie and a bouquet of flowers (yellow ones of course). I had no idea what was going on but I seriously had tears in my eyes. How did he know I just had the most horrible day. Of course he would not tell me why he was there he just said he would wait while I finished report and charting. He stood there patiently for over an hour while I finished. Then we were off on this mystery date, him in his handsome dress clothes and me in my scrubs:). Fortunate for me he had my dress clothes in the truck. He still wouldn't even give me any clues as to where we were going. We drove to downtown Salt Lake and pulled into the Grand America, Andrew said he heard of an amazing restaurant inside. We go into this restaurant inside the Grand America and it was the most romantic setting of candles, music, and food like you could not believe, it just kept coming and coming and believe it or not I ate halibut and it was amazing. So we have this romantic dinner and then Andrew says there is this balcony that looks over the city that visitor are welcome to, so he has me close my eyes. We walk through the hotel and into the elevator I was not allowed to peek. What seemed like only seconds then I could feel the cold breeze on my face. I open my eyes and sure enough I could see the valley with all the lights and it was so pretty. I turned around to see where we had come through to get there and we are in a beautiful room with flowers and chocolates and sparkling cider. It was our room for the night. It was the most romantic valentines get away every. He had thought of everything. I had clinicals for school the next day and he had brought all of my school stuff so I could relax and go to clinicals from there. He thought of every thing from my school badge to my books and my uniform. He had everything I need so I was able to relax and not worry about a thing. Oh and thanks to my amazing friends Jake and Ashley, who watched our kids,YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.
My Andrew is so amazing I am so lucky to have him in my life. I am so excited to spend every Valentine's, every holiday, and every day with him. Thanks hun for a special day I love u


The Ekins said...

SOooooo romantic! Tell Andrew he gets an A+++++++ from me! What an awesome Valentines present! Glad you two got to spend some time togehter!

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

how fabulous is that? Good Job Andrew!!! I am glad you guys got out and celebrated Valentines day alone. So fun!!!!

The Hill's said...

I'm so glad you guys let us watch your kids :) You can do that ANYTIME and I keep telling Jake to tell Andrew that you need to bring your kids over to my house so he can sleep during the day. And that's so sweet of him to plan a special surprise for you.